A Yearbook

Bulgarian National Dance Art School Yearbook 2013

Here is the cov­er and some of the pages of the Year­book I made for 2013 grad­u­a­tion. The stu­dents’ pho­tos were tak­en by my son — Boyko Sar­chadzhiev, who is a pro­fes­sion­al photographer. 

NUTI_featured_picture NUTI_Yearbook_01 NUTI_Yearbook_02 NUTI_Yearbook_03 NUTI_Yearbook_04 NUTI_Yearbook_05 NUTI_Yearbook_06 NUTI_Yearbook_07 NUTI_Yearbook_08 NUTI_Yearbook_09 NUTI_Yearbook_10

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