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This was a com­bined DTP and Video work. A StangaOne1 client — Mad Dogg Ath­let­ics — had an Eng­lish DVD and they need­ed this DVD in French. The cov­er and the face art of the disk need­ed French local­iza­tion DTP work.  The DVD had to be sub­ti­tled and re-encoded.

For the DTP Local­iza­tion I had Adobe InDe­sign Eng­lish work files and the French trans­la­tion. For the video sub­ti­tles I received an Excel file with all the text in both Eng­lish and French in it. The sub­ti­tling and remas­ter­ing the DVD were made with Adobe Pre­miere Pro CS6 and Sony DVD Archi­tect Pro 5.0 

Here are the DVD cov­ers — Eng­lish and French:

Spinnig_DVD_cover_ENG Spinnig_DVD_cover_FRE

Here are the DVD face arts — Eng­lish and French:

Spinning_DVD_face_ENG Spinning_DVD_face_FRE

Here are two screen­shot of the sub­ti­tling process with Sony DVD Archi­tect Pro 5:

 spinner_FRE_subtitles_01 spinner_FRE_subtitles_02

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